North Hudson NY - Town Hall

Town Services

The Town of North Hudson offers a variety of services to benefit both our residents and visitors. Please contact out Town Hall at 518-532-9811 for additional information.

Local Government

The Supervisor is Chief Executive Officer of the Town. The Board members are responsible for setting the policies and direction of the Town. They are elected to four-year terms...

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Town Clerk

The Town Clerk's office is responsible for providing timely, efficient, and accurate citizen, Council and staff support. As well as providing public notices...

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Tax Collection

Taxes are collected twice a year in the Town of North Hudson. The town & county tax is mailed out the first week in January, and the school tax is sent the first week in Sept...

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Zoning & Planning Boards

The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) is the Special Permit Granting Authority for certain projects as required under the Zoning Bylaw. The Planning Board develops...

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Town Court

The Town of North Hudson Court is the Judicial Branch of the Town Government and is also a part of the State of New York Judicial System...

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The Town Board of Assessors assesses all real and personal property, administer all tax related issues, handles grievances and questions from landowners...

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Highway Department

The Highway Department which is managed by the Superintendent of Highways is responsible for maintaining the town roads and infrastructure...

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Landfill/Sold Waste

The Town of North Hudson Landfill & Solid Waste Division provides integrated solid waste management services to the residents and businesses of the town...

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Dog Control

New York State Law requires that all dogs must be licensed in the Town, City or Village where the dog is harbored at the age of 4 months...

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