Think Spring

I hope this message has all of you doing well. I don’t know about the rest of you but I sure am ready for spring.
That being said, with the mounds of snow we still have, I am certain there will be a lot of run off into roads, flooding and
potential water in basements. If anyone has any concerns regarding these matters, please reach out to me.
As many of you have seen in the recent press release, Gov. Cuomo has dedicated funds to repair Rt. 9 from Blue Ridge Rd. south to Schroon Falls. I will continue my efforts in pursueing the upgrade of the North end of Rt. 9 to Exit 30. Again, if
anyone has any concerns regarding the condition of roads, please put it in letter form so as I can also bring your concerns
to the appropriate Department.
Please feel free to stop in to the office any time to see me with any questions. Again, THINK SPRING!