A New Season

New Season brings New Challenges

Happy Fall Y’all,
I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying this beautiful fall weather. The leaves are beginning to cast a new hue and the nights are getting a bit crisper.

As we all adapt to our new way of living, and a new season approaches, I wanted to let you all know that my office continues to be open for any questions or needs that arise. The 2021 Budget season is well on its way and I will be working diligently to assure that the best decisions are made with the information we have at hand at this time. This year has been a challenging one for everyone, at every level. Decisions had to be made about holding off on projects and cutting back on expenses. With the loss of revenues and unexpected expenses, it will be a challenging Budget season. We will try our very best to have as little impact on our taxpayers as possible. You, the residents of North Hudson, are at the forefront of our minds during this difficult time.

Please follow our Facebook page for daily updates and look to the website for our meeting minutes.